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So here is the latest project, a shade cover for those that own Canon Vixia HF R50 video cameras

I love my camera when I take video inside. Full HD and clear stable footage with great stereo sound.

The biggest problem is trying to see the LCD screen when you're outside. On a bright sunny day it can be close to impossible.

Since there is no separate viewfinder so it is almost worthless in the bright sun. The pictures below show a flat patern to make a shade for the screen.

This works. It just needs to be painted black. It can be made with any old box you have laying around.

After making it I do have suggestions. Get some thin plastic to make it out of instead of cardboard. This works and is more or less free,

but the cardboard makes it mount on a tripod unevenly. Also, I have a Tascam recorder that I mount under it and could use a shade for the screen on it also.

So I am going to remake it. It will be much larger next time, able to hold the camers, battery pack and recorder,

be deeper to give better shade, and I'll make it mount level on the tripod. Check back in a while if you want to see the newer one. Feel free to contact me with

Ideas or results . Maybe I'l post some video too.

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